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Welcome to the Pension Watch knowledge centre. This database holds over 800 resources relating to social protection for older people around the world. Please explore using the search bar to the right, or browse through newest resources below.

  • Older citizen monitoring

    Year: 2016 | Published by: HelpAge International

    Author: A. Livingstone, C. Knox-Vydmanov, L. Donaldson and A. Heslop

    This report provides insight into the HelpAge network's experience of older citizen monitoring (OCM) since 2002. OCM is a form of community based monitoring,...

  • Social protection for older people in extreme poverty in Peru (Spanish)

    Year: 2016 | Published by: HelpAge International

    Author: Pension 65 Team

    This brief highlights some of the key features and achievements of the Pension 65 programme introduced in 2011 to reduce poverty and vulnerability among...

  • The Philippine Social Pension at Four Years: Insights and Recommendations

    Year: 2016 | Published by: Coalition of Services of the Elderly

    Author: C. Knox-Vydmanov, D. Horn, A. Sevilla

    This study provides lessons in two areas key to assessing the progress of the Philippine social pension: (a) impact of the scheme, and (b)...

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