Basic country data

  • Population 60 and over (2018)
  • 10,062,354
  • % of total
  • 12.3%
  • Population 60 and over (2050)
  • 25,428,300
  • % of total
  • 31.0%
  • Does the country have a social pension?
  • Yes
  • Region
  • Europe & Central Asia
  • Income group
  • Upper middle income

Data on social pensions

Means-tested Old Age Pension

Basic scheme information

Data on social pensions

  • Name of pension or programme
  • Means-tested Old Age Pension
  • Year first social pension introduced
  • 1976
  • Legislative Underpinning
  • Law no. 2022


Turkey: Pensions, Health-care and Long-term care (2014 European Commission Paper)

Eligibility criteria

  • Age of eligibility
  • 65
  • Targeting approach
  • Means-tested
  • Detailed eligibility criteria
  • Assessed as poor. In October 2013, the poverty threshold was one third of the minimum wage per person and the pension payment amounted to TL 125.60 (EYHGM, 2013/a).
  • References and notes


Annual National Report 2014 Pensions, Health Care and Long-term Care


Resources on the pension in Turkey

  • Pensions at a glance 2011: Turkey

    Year: 2011 | Published by: OECD

    Author: OECD

    Country Profile from OECD's "Pensions at a glance 2011: Retirement-income systems of OECD countries".

  • Social Security Programs Throughout the World: Asia and the Pacific, 2008

    Year: 2009 | Published by: Social Security Administration (SSA), International Social Security Association

    Author: Social Security Administration (SSA), International Social Security Association (ISSA)

    The second issue in the current four-volume series of Social Security Programs Throughout the World reports on the countries of Asia and the Pacific....

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