Basic country data

  • Population 60 and over (2018)
  • 235,410,953
  • % of total
  • 16.6%
  • Population 60 and over (2050)
  • 478,860,994
  • % of total
  • 33.8%
  • Does the country have a social pension?
  • Yes
  • Region
  • East Asia & Pacific
  • Income group
  • Upper middle income

Data on social pensions

Basic Pension Insurance for Rural and Urban Residents

Basic scheme information

Data on social pensions

  • Name of pension or programme
  • Basic Pension Insurance for Rural and Urban Residents
  • Year first social pension introduced
  • 2009

Pension coverage in China and the expansion of the New Rural Social Pension

Eligibility criteria

  • Age of eligibility
  • 60
  • Detailed eligibility criteria
  • A basic pension is payable to older people aged 60 and over whose children contribute to the scheme.
  • References and notes


The impact of public pension on household consumption

China to improve people's livelihood



China Statistical Yearbook 2016



China Statistical Yearbook 2016


National Rural Pension

In 2009 a national rural pension pilot was announced in China. Coverage of this voluntary scheme has expanded rapidly with full coverage of all rural areas anticipated by the end of 2012.

For those under 60 at the time of implementation the scheme is contributory. However, those over the age of 60 and whose children are contributing to the scheme are eligible to receive a minimum of 55 Yuan (US$13 (PPP)) a month.

Although tied to family contributions this pension is essentially non-contributory for those aged 60 and over at the time of implementation. As such it has been categorised as a social pension.

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As part of a series investigating the impact of 30 years of development policy on the lives of people in rural China this video, from Gansu province, includes villagers' insights into the Rural Pension.

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