Basic country data

  • Does the country have a social pension?
  • Yes
  • Region
  • North America
  • Income group
  • High income

Data on social pensions

Non-contributory old age pension

Basic scheme information

Data on social pensions

  • Name of pension or programme
  • Non-contributory old age pension
  • Legislative Underpinning
  • Contributory Pensions Act, 1970


Bermuda Department of Social Insurance: Old age pension (webpage)

Eligibility criteria


Bermuda Department of Social Security: Social insurance benefit rates


  • Monthly benefit (local currency)
  • 451.08 B$
  • US$
  • 451
  • % of GDP per capita
  • %
  • $ PPP
  • Local amount detailed/other benefits
  • B$ 451.08 is paid to those with an income of more than B$ 4,000 a year. Those with an income of less than B$ 4,000 a year receive B$ 464.20 a month.
  • References and notes

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